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What is Ways2Well?

Ways2Well is a digital healthcare platform that includes patients in their healthcare journey, every step of the way. Our job is to give you control and access to your healthcare experience, something we know can be difficult in a traditional patient/provider/insurance model. We offer a convenient, customizable, cost effective solution for our patients, and we aren’t controlled by restrictions of insurance companies; which means more choice and transparency for our patients. 

How do we do this?:

Much like Amazon, Ways2Well was created to go direct to the patient with our healthcare services. As with many direct to consumer brands, cutting out the “middleman” can often result in better pricing and services for the end user and a greater focus on who we serve; our patients. In order to serve our patients best, we considered multiple parts of the patient journey that created barriers for access:

  • Lack of access to healthcare services and specialty providers for patients
  • Disruption to daily life in your household and workplace with unnecessary time constraints
  • Cost prohibitive services and treatment offerings; lack of transparency in billing
  • Restrictive insurance policies preventing you from receiving healthcare and preventative care support; reducing the likelihood of a patient seeking care at all

We created a virtual experience for our patients that removes these barriers to care and reduces overhead costs that are often passed on to patients. Our medical team can be seen from anywhere you have access to a phone or a computer, and your charts, lab work and treatment plans are available through your patient care portal 24/7. Our care standard is built upon the foundation of patient needs first – meaning – we listen in order to treat effectively and holistically. We use cutting edge lab diagnostics to do a 360 assessment of a patient’s overall health state; so much more than just a quick visit and vitals check in an exam room. We chose not to negotiate with insurance companies to price gouge and inflate prices – we offer a cash pay solution with transparent billing and pricing for our patients. Our treatment costs are less than current insurance co-pays and deductibles for most patients. The cherry on top, is we have also taken away the annoyances that come along with filling prescriptions at retail pharmacies. Ways2Well partners with ReviveRx and your treatments are ordered by our medical team and mailed directly to your door with 2 day shipping. No waits, no haggling for refills – just simple, effective patient care.

Why should I use Ways2Well virtual healthcare platform?

In our combined 60+ years experience in the healthcare industry, we’ve seen a gap in the marketplace develop that negatively impacts patient care. If you can order almost anything on your phone for instant delivery, then we should be able to evolve healthcare in a way that serves patients faster and more intelligently, with a better standard of care. We spend a significant portion of our lives online, and we think it shouldn’t take weeks or months to see a physician or specialist. Ways2Well is focused on changing that. You can see a Ways2Well medical provider at your convenience – no disruption to work schedules, home life, traffic and parking issues or even waiting rooms crowded with sick patients. Modern technology has afforded us a faster, better, safer and more convenient way to treat our patients – making them happier; and that makes us happy too.

What are the benefits of Ways2Well?

  • Convenient
  • Cost Effective
  • Customizable
  • 24/7 Access
  • Digital/Online/Virtual
  • No wait for specialists
  • We have a pharmacy and team of elite pharmacists at partner pharmacy ReviveRx
  • Team of experienced medical providers 
  • Cash pay with no restrictions

Want to learn more?

Check out our Getting Started page and set up your free consult with our medical provider. It’s time to get you on the path to great health, and keep you that way.

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