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What is Preventative Care?

Most of the time it when we go to the doctor its because we are aren’t feeling well or to get a checkup to make sure we are in relatively good health. Unfortunately, this system often doesn’t go a long way in preventing us from becoming sick in the first place. An added side effect is not much is done about life altering chronic conditions until they either become an eminent threat or it’s already too late. The mission of preventative care is to fill this void left in the healthcare system, and help the patient live healthier and longer. Ways2Well was founded to address the gap in our healthcare marketplace when it comes to the lack of true preventative care.

Live Longer

            The first box preventative care looks to check off is the prevention of chronic conditions, especially the major ones like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity that affect more than half of adults in America. Conditions like these account for the majority of healthcare spending in the United States, so an added benefit is making healthcare more affordable for the patient long term, and decreasing their dependency on health insurance that may or may not cover what they need when the time comes. If the cost of healthcare isn’t enough to persuade you to look deeper into preventative care, it’s worth noting that the leading cause of death in the US is heart disease, which is preventable, and Diabetes and Obesity rank pretty highly as well.

Sometimes it may be found that a patient already has or is on the path to having a major conditions or illness but hasn’t developed symptoms yet. Prevention is still important then as well, maybe even more so. In many cases the condition or risk can be reversed, slowed, or mitigated before the problem becomes severe.

Live Healthier

Nobody likes getting sick, and preventative care doesn’t ignore common illnesses either. You may have experienced a form of this type of preventative care in your life through vaccinations, which help your immune system train itself to fight off disease, or even an annual flu shot. Making sure the patient’s immune system is as strong as possible is a highly important goal, and even though it doesn’t’ mean you will never catch a cold or the flu again, it does mean that you will get sick less often, have less severe symptoms, and recover quicker when you do end up feeling under the weather. Maintaining a healthy immune system during the Covid-19 pandemic has been critical a factor in patients that have had less severe symptoms and recovery time, versus patients that have underlying health issues like diabetes or obesity or weakened immune systems (immunocompromised).

Keeping a healthy immune system isn’t the only way you can live healthier – many preventative care patients have goals that go beyond just reducing the risk of disease. Many want to better their body by losing weight, gaining muscle mass, or recovering more effectively after they workout. Others just want to have more energy during the day or sleep better at night. Preventative care can help with all of this and many other things like increasing libido and sexual performance. Healthier living goals have the added bonus of simultaneously helping prevent sickness and chronic conditions.

How We Do It

The goals all sound great, but how does Ways2Well actually get the job done? Our first step is to understand our patients: what they do, what their goals are, if they have symptoms and if so what they are, their current lifestyle, and what family history and risk factors that they might have. This continues with comprehensive blood panels that tell us what is going on in the patient’s body at cellular level. This tells us what types of nutrients your body needs more or less of so we can develop a treatment to get your body working at its highest efficiency.
Everyone is different, so each treatment is customized to each patient for maximum effectiveness. Sometimes all that is needed is for the patient to get a little more exercise or each more foods that are rich in a particular vitamin or mineral, but if an imbalance needs a little extra help to correct, we have that covered too. Our partner pharmacy, Revive RX, produces everything from vitamins to hormone treatments that we can prescribe to help you on your wellness journey. With the treatments and in-depth knowledge about your body that we provide, it allows you to be at an optimal level of health instead of just settling for being at the common level of wellness that really just means you are not sick.
No matter your matter your age or current health level, there is always a way that preventative care can benefit you. If you want to spend less time going to the doctor and worrying about medical complications that can have minor or major impacts on your life, there’s never been a better time to take steps to improve your health and prevent future illness.

Want to learn more?

Check out our Getting Started page and set up a free consult with our medical provider. It’s time to get you on the path to great health and keep you that way.

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