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How to Stay Healthy During Covid-19

You’ve heard it your whole life – take your vitamins and get some rest! Then you’ll feel better! In a time when everything can feel so uncertain, it’s comforting to look back on Mom’s advice and know that by finally taking it, you’re offering the best protection possible for you and your loved ones during COVID-19. This is especially important as medical experts predict that the virus and waves of illness will continue for up to 18 months.

Great health starts with prevention

The best way to stay healthy in any scenario, is to consistently practice great health habits before you are ever in danger of getting sick. This is what we call “preventative care” in the healthcare industry. What it means is taking the time to do things that will prevent illness from occurring down the line. In today’s climate, that means what you’ve been hearing on repeat: wash your hands; cover your mouth when you cough; use sanitizer if handwashing isn’t available; avoid touching your face due to transfer of germs; socially distance 6 feet from other people at all times; wear face masks while out of your home. This is all done to prevent the transfer and onset of Covid-19/Coronavirus. 

Research from the CDC and National Institute of Health has also suggested the use of a few new tools for medical providers battling the Covid-19 pandemic. The great news is, you can also put these treatments to work for you at home too!

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our body; necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It’s involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. In the age of Coronavirus, Vitamin C is more important than ever because it directly targets viruses in the body and strengthens your natural resistance to getting sick: your immune system. If your immune system is compromised or weak, your are far more susceptible to infection than you are if you are healthy. You’ve likely seen reports of large doses of Vitamin C being used on patients in New York City, New Orleans and Washington due to it’s effectiveness in battling Coronavirus symptoms and helping patients recover faster. While Vitamin C has not been announced as an official cure, medical experts globally are in agreement that taking it in significant doses right now is the key to strengthening your immune system and increasing your body’s ability to ward off potential viruses.

Vitamin C is a key ingredient (among other virus fighting nutrients) in our Immune Support treatment. If you are in need of this treatment to bolster your immune system and get healthier – you can check it out here to get your prescription. Don’t worry- we will mail it to your door!

Catch Some Zzzzzz’s. Seriously. 

We could list all the adages about sleep and good health; or we could just say this: a good night’s sleep could save your life right now. Ok, maybe not your life – just your sanity. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought on more than just health issues and Coronavirus infections…it’s also brought on a global workforce that is now mostly working from home with new pressures and changes to our normal routines. Taking on things like full time teaching and care taking; managing financial strain; trying to stay sane with a house full of spouses, kids, pets, and a stockpile of toilet paper (you know who you are!). All of this leads to – you guessed it – not great sleep. Lots of stress and anxiety, tossing and turning and too much screen time. We aren’t judging (we are doing it too); but medical professionals are reminding us that sleep cures many evils, and is a great preventative care habit to keep your body in fighting shape. Sleep is one of the main variables that influences the health of our immune system. According to The Mayo Clinic, while you are asleep your immune system releases proteins that promote deeper sleep. Additionally, infection fighting antibodies and cells dwindle when you aren’t getting enough sleep. Simple math! To stay healthy, you need sleep.  

If you can’t sleep right now, don’t worry – you aren’t alone. In times of stress and strain, restful sleep is often the first thing to go. However, it’s paramount to keep your body at it’s healthiest to reduce potential infection. For those having trouble maintaining healthy sleep habits, take a look at CBD Sleep. A better night’s sleep shouldn’t be hard to come by, so we’ve made sure it’s not.  

Want to learn more?

Check out our Getting Started page and set up a free consult with our medical provider. It’s time to get you on the path to great health, and keep you that way. 

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