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6 Reasons Why You Should Start 2021 Off With a Blood Test

The start of the year is filled with many resolutions, many of which involve being healthier and getting in better shape. Most do this by eating a little better or maybe even hitting the gym. At Ways2Well, we have another option: blood testing. Today we will go over six reasons why you should consider blood testing as a route to better health. 

Get a Better Understanding of Your Body

The first reason to get a blood test is the better understanding of your body that it provides. From blood cell counts to hormones, you will get an unmatched look into what flows through your body. This full picture of your health will help you understand how certain things affect your body, as well as making it much easier to actually make changes that will have an impact on your life and health. If you have ever wondered why you feel the way you feel, or why a nagging health issue hasn’t been going away, this is the perfect way to find out, and relieve yourself of the burden.

Have an Actual Game Plan for Your Health

With a full picture of your health, it allows us to devise a customized treatment plan that is based not on what is likely going on within your body, but what is actually happening. This customized treatment plan will have an efficiency that any one size fits all approach will not be able to match. You will have a clearer path that will be much more likely to end in the results you desire, and in the end getting results is the most important thing.

Better Weight Loss and Better Exercise

For many people losing weight can be a serious struggle, and oftentimes they turn to fad diets that don’t work. This is one area where blood testing and customized treatments can be much more effective. Sometimes difficulties losing weight can be spurred on by a lack of key nutrients that you aren’t getting enough of, or it could even be because of a hormonal imbalance that needs to be rectified if you want to make more significant progress. Once a blood test reveals the problem, the treatment plan will include ways to correct the issue, as well as actually effective ways to lose weight and keep it off. It works the same way with exercise. If you struggle to get the results in the gym that you desire, or if you lack the energy to workout as hard as you want to, you may be missing something key that needs to be replenished. A blood panel gives you options beyond just powering through it and hoping the issue corrects itself. 

Prevent Chronic Conditions

One of the most important reasons to have your blood tested is to help prevent chronic conditions. Chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease are some of the most deadly diseases one can be afflicted with, and unfortunately it can be easy to not see them coming. Blood testing can take care of this blindspot, and reveal that you are trending towards one of these diseases. For example, it may show that you have elevated levels of insulin, indicating some level of insulin resistance, and that you could be in danger of eventually developing Type-2 diabetes in the future. Once you know what you are up against, you can make changes that will reverse the trend and prevent the chronic condition before it can cause serious damage to your health and life. 

Get Sick Less Often

Similarly, blood testing can help with more acute diseases as well by helping you build up and boost your immune system. If you are thinking that you will take care of that by just drinking a lot of orange juice and washing your hands then I have some bad news, several vitamins and minerals play an important role in the immune system, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Iron. Missing one of these components is obviously going to have a negative affect on your immune health, but you may struggle to figure out exactly what is missing. Blood testing removes this barrier, and will allow you to focus on getting more of the deficient element. The end result is spending less time feeling sick and more time being healthy and at full strength.

Improve Everyday Functions Like Sleep and Energy

The beneficial reach of blood testing extends even farther, towards functions and processes like sleep, energy, digestion, and even things like memory and focus. Take the first one, sleep, for example. I probably don’t need to explain how important sleep is for our bodies, as it can affect almost everything else we do. Many things can disrupt sleep, and it could be that multiple things are preventing you from getting enough quality rest. Blood testing can help determine if the problem is external, like spending too much time in front of a screen before you try to sleep, or if it is internal, like a hormonal imbalance. The second example, energy, is naturally greatly affected by sleep, and getting more of it is a good start to having more energy during the day. This is a simple solution that most people could figure out on their own, but it doesn’t always completely solve the problem because there are other factors that affect energy. Without blood testing, the root of the problem may be difficult to find, leaving you still fatigued. 

Whatever your health goals are, starting 2021 off with a blood test can be critical towards achieving them in the most complete and efficient way possible. Whether you are trying to start a journey towards better health for the first time or the tenth, blood testing will allow you to do it better, and do it right, and give you all the tools you need to live healthier and live longer.

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